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Website Security


Website security is fundamental to any business’s online presence and should be taken seriously. It encompasses many aspects, from active monitoring of your website and network to secure server configuration.

We provide comprehensive website security solutions that help protect your business from malicious attacks and data breaches. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest online threats, which allows them to develop effective strategies for keeping your site safe.

We do everything possible to protect your site from malicious attacks, malware, and other cyber threats. Our end-to-end protection includes active monitoring and defending of your website 24/7.

Our team will carry out regular vulnerability scanning to identify any potential risks or loopholes in the system and apply patches and configuration changes to secure your site and network.



The benefits of website security are many. Some include:

Increased Trust from Customers

Our website security plants include an SSL certificate that allows you to provide hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) encryption. SSL certificate is critical for any website that deals with personal customer data since it gives customers confidence that their data is stored securely.

The SSL certificate is part of our Web Application Firewall (WAF) designed to intercept and thoroughly examine the incoming traffic to your website. It automatically detects and neutralizes malicious code, such as DoS attacks and SQL injections.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) also provides further protection from malicious traffic. Your website is cached and served up using web servers around the globe to minimize latency and reduce load times.

Increased Speed and Encrypted Data Boosts Search Rankings

Google and other search engines heavily favor SSL-protected websites. With this, a secure website will likely rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Furthermore, higher encryption levels help keep your website loading times faster since the browser makes fewer requests. Faster load time improves customer experience and, thus, better user engagement.

Improved Performance

We customize our hosting solutions to ensure that your website runs at optimum efficiency all the time. By deploying our advanced caching techniques, your pages will be quickly visible to visitors worldwide.

We can also offer customized solutions that optimize your website to ensure it runs as fast and efficiently as possible. Customization will help improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.

Prevent Attacks and Fix Malware Problems

Website security also helps you identify and prevent attacks before they occur. Our website security solutions come with malware scanning services that continually monitor your site for malicious code, alerting you if any is detected.

We can also quickly remove malware from your website and clean up any infected files to ensure your site is running again.

Safe Network Traffic and Data Transfer

Website security also helps protect network traffic and data transfer between your server and the end user.

We use a combination of technologies such as IPS/IDS, malware scanning, DDoS protection, etc., which help keep your data secure while being transferred over the internet.


Website Security
Website Security Standard
$5.99 / per month

Per site

  • Protects one website.
  • Firewall prevents hackers.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Malware scanning.
  • Annual site cleanup and remediation.
Website Security
Website Security Advanced
$17.99 / per month

Per site

  • Protects one website.
  • Firewall prevents hackers.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Malware scanning.
  • Unlimited site cleanups.
  • DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.
  • 25 GB of secure backup.
Website Security
Website Security Premium
$26.99 / per month

Per site

  • Protects one website.
  • Firewall prevents hackers.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Malware scanning.
  • Unlimited site cleanups.
  • DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.
  • Prioritized cleanup and repair.
  • 200 GB of secure backup.

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Websites are vulnerable to threats like hackers, viruses, and malware, regardless of their size or type. This applies to personal websites as well as those of large corporations. The most effective approach to safeguarding your website from potential harm caused by these threats is to address them promptly.

Streamlined security with our website security:

Simplicity is the essence of our website security services. Through a single dashboard, you can effortlessly configure your SSL certificate, oversee malware detection, manage online threat monitoring, and control the frequency of site scans.

Ensuring easy-to-use website security, our service conducts regular scans with the goal of preventing malware and cyber threats. These scans contain uptime, server status, and blacklist checks. Unlimited cleaning resolves identified issues, while immediate alerts with action suggestions keep you informed. Our vigilant plans involve daily scans for malware, triggering instant alerts for suspicious activity.  Furthering defense, all plans include an active firewall that preemptively blocks potential harm, bolstering overall security.

With all plans, your website undergoes daily scans. However, the frequency can be adjusted based on your chosen plan: 12-hour intervals, 30-minute intervals, or daily scans. If any threats are detected, you’ll promptly receive an email notification for immediate action.

While our website security does create backups of altered files temporarily during cleanup, for a comprehensive website backup and data protection solution, consider exploring our Website & Data Backup plans.

In all Website Basics+ Website Security plans, your SSL certificate is seamlessly integrated within the Web Application Firewall (WAF) included in your comprehensive plan.

Short answer, yes, you do.

Imagine an SSL certificate as a special lock that keeps information safe when people visit your website. But just like how you need more than a lock to protect a treasure, you need Website Security to guard your website from other tricky problems. It stops things like sneaky bugs, secret code attacks, and big waves of visitors that can make your site go sleepy. So, even though your lock is good, adding Website Security makes your website super safe from all sides!

Think of a WAF like a superhero shield for your website. It’s like having a guard that watches all the visitors coming to your site. If some visitors try to play naughty tricks like sending sneaky messages or too many visitors come all at once, the WAF stops them! It’s super quick to set up, like putting on a cape, and it stands in front of your website all the time, protecting it even when the special website security check isn’t happening.

If your website got into a little trouble with some tricky stuff, don’t worry too much. You can still fix it. But it’s better to fix it quickly.

The Premium plan is like having super helpers who can fix things really fast. So, even if something tricky happened, you can still make your website safe again!

Yes, it will. Even if your site is hosted by a different company, WebsiteBasics+ Website Security will still be compatible in most cases. Additionally, whether your website uses platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or is custom-made, WebsiteBasics+ Website Security will provide its protection as usual.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of proxy servers and data centers spread across the world. CDNs offer the advantage of allowing your website’s content to load from servers that are situated close to your site visitors geographically. As a result, your website’s loading speed is significantly improved.

For instance, consider your website being hosted on the east coast, while someone from the west coast visits it. With a CDN in place, the site will load swiftly for the west coast visitor because it will be served from a server that is in close proximity to them, just like it would for a visitor on the east coast.

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** Website Backup not included in Standard plan.

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